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Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Tue Dec 20 21:15:33 UTC 2011

Hello fellow loco-contacts, hello loco council,

I got the following mail from one of the FOSDEM organisers.  They want
to organise a panel session about Ubuntu "locoteams", Fedora
"ambassadors", etc. -- and also including some people from distros which
don't have an official thing like that yet but think about it (e.g.
Debian & OpenSuse already promised to participate).

And of course, they want one person from Ubuntu in this panel too!

Now, I'm not sure who would be the best candidate to be on stage in this
panel. Obviously it has to be someone who's involved with the LoCoTeams
*and* who will be at FOSDEM.  So, do you want to do this, or do you know
somebody who could do this?  Maybe somebody from the loco council,
and/or someone with a lot of experience in one or more locoteams?

They would like to have an answer somewhere next week, although I'm sure
they will understand if it's not 100% definitive about the actual
person.  Please let me/us know ASAP...  (Maybe best answer on the
loco-contacts list?)

PS: of course everybody involved in locoteams/translation teams & such
who attends FOSDEM will be very welcome in the public for this session!

About: FOSDEM is held on February 4 & 5 (and 3, if you count in the beer
event ;) ) 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.  It's probably one of the largest
open source developers conferences in the world, having 1000s of
attendants.  And it's entirely volunteer-run, no registration required,
no entrance fee, and (mostly) no commercial bullshit.  (Oh, and did I
mention the beer? ;) )

See: http://fosdem.org (more info will be added to that site when they
are known, decisions are made, etc.).

------- Doorgestuurd bericht -------
Van: Pascal Bleser <pbleser at fosdem.org>
Aan: [snip]
Onderwerp: Ambassadors/LoCo session at FOSDEM 2012
Datum: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 12:13:26 +0100

Hi folks

Poking you guys because you're involved into your respective
projects on the topic of "ambassadors" (in the broader sense,
also known as "loco teams" at Ubuntu).
In the case of Wouter, mostly because I have no idea whether a
similar thing exists in Debian and, if so, no idea whom to talk
to -- so Wouter, please relay if there is and if it isn't you :D

I'm mostly acting as a networker here, with half my FOSDEM hat
on, and half my openSUSE hat on ;)

Kostas would like to organise and participate in a session about
ambassadors at FOSDEM 2012 in the cross-distro devroom.

The idea is to briefly present how it works in each project and
then, which is the much more interesting bit, discuss about what
works well and what doesn't, in order to learn from everyone's
experiences. We all have our specificities, and we won't do
exactly the same as what others do, but we're convinced that
there are things we can all learn from each other, without
having to stumble on the same rocks.
Fedora and Ubuntu obviously have quite some experience with
this, as you folks have been having such programmes for quite
some time.

So, to briefly define what is meant with "ambassadors" in this
* local coordination
* shipping promo material
* going to events to promote the project (stands, talks)
* relieve language barriers
* well-connected people who know whom to poke about what

Well, I guess you get the picture and are already nodding and
can map that to whatever exists in your respective project for
that :)

So, would any of you be
* interested on taking part in such a session at FOSDEM ?
* knowing a more appropriate person to poke about it ?
* knowing someone else, from another project, whom should be
  taken into the loop as well ?

Thanks for reading so far, and looking forward to your input.

  -o) Pascal Bleser
  /\\ http://opensuse.org -- we haz green
 _\_v http://fosdem.org   -- we haz conf

Jan Claeys

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