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 RE: Off-Topic
@Amir: please find my replies in line...

2011/8/26 Amir Eldor <amir.eldor at>

> Off topic:
> @Ahmed,
> It's "Eldor" :)
Oh! sorry it must be a typo, yeah, I was lazy to copy-n-paste your name into
the message body, instead I typed it :D

> Though I have an Arabic name, Amir is also a word in Hebrew (meaning the
> top of the tree or something like that).
Well, life is a big tree :)

> You are right that El is also in Arabic, and I think that dor is an Arabic
> word as well (it means door?).
In fact, I didn't intend to analyze your name from Arabic-lingual
perspective, and even if I tried to do, it wouldn't make a sense to me,
because "Dor" in Arabic should mean something like "phase" or "level", but
of course not "Door". Actually my impression to your dear name was as a
hybrid of Arabic and Spanish names, caused by some kind of migration(you
know, "El" does exist in Spanish too :D), of course, if I'm allowed to speak
out what I think and of course respectfully.

I'm not the prince of doors or anything like that.
haha, of course you are not :D

>  Oh, yes, I'm from Israel thus the Hebrew part of my name.
I don't really care as long as you enjoy a nice life :)
I know that you are from Israel and I'm from Egypt, so what?, I don't
interfere politics with work ;). Inside Ubuntu project, I like to play the
role of *Ambassador* of peace.
Ironically, I was on your launchpad profile(~lousygarua) a couple of days
ago, cuz I was interested in Gezer project(which seems to be a useful idea,
btw), I picked you from the maintainers team maybe because of your familiar
first name(respectfully). btw: nice pic :)

Due to the short distance between us, it's tolerable to meet, I'll pray to
be it soon :)

> Thank you all and have a nice day.
> Amir :)

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