Logging of Ubuntu LoCo Teams core channels

Indigo196 indigo196 at rochester.rr.com
Wed Oct 6 04:27:56 BST 2010

I would have to agree with the overall intent of the logging. I can also
appreciate that there are those who do not like that being an always-on
'forced' thing.

In the end my only concern would be that it could drive some folks to
non-official channels which would dilute the main purpose of the channel
-- to be a gathering place for all those interested in the team.

I myself do not care and I will wait to hear what others have to say
before tossing a chip in to the vote box.

NY State Lead

> --- On Mon, 10/4/10, Ubuntu LoCo Council
> <loco-council at lists.ubuntu.com> wrote:
>         From: Ubuntu LoCo Council <loco-council at lists.ubuntu.com>
>         Subject: Logging of Ubuntu LoCo Teams core channels
>         To: loco-contacts at lists.ubuntu.com
>         Date: Monday, October 4, 2010, 3:01 PM
>         Dear LoCo Contacts, 
>         Greetings from the LoCo Council, We would like to take a
>         moment and discuss some ideas with you about implementing LoCo
>         Bot logging of #ubuntu- channels on freenode. There is a
>         method to this madness, and this would only apply to
>         #ubuntu-<loco-team-name> (main channels only, not off-topic
>         ones).
>         The LoCo Council have discussed the issue of LoCo-team channel
>         logging with the IRC Council and we've taken advice from Jono
>         Bacon, the Ubuntu Community manager. It was recommended to us
>         that all LoCo teams should enable logging for their main
>         channel, and that we open this up for discussion on this
>         mailing list.
>         For many Approved teams this is already a standard practice
>         and we thank you  for it, but we would like to encourage this
>         practice among the rest of the teams for a couple of good
>         reasons: 
>               * When new contributors are checking out teams they will
>                 have an opportunity to read past logs in effort to
>                 better learn more about the team, this will help them
>                 to see what they can expect from the team, and even
>                 potentially find where there are needs that they might
>                 be able to help with.
>               * Transparency - LoCo team channels (especially main
>                 channels) should strive to be a collaborative
>                 environment, where both gurus and new users can feel
>                 at ease to ask questions and have discussions in a
>                 non-offensive manner. Many channels ask in their
>                 channel topics that users within the channel be
>                 respectful and honor the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. 
>               * Help the LoCo Council with team mediation in case of
>                 issues that arise. We have had several teams and team
>                 members asking the council the help with issues that
>                 have surfaced only to find that most of the complaints
>                 of behavior/dialogue took place within unlogged
>                 channels. This then becomes an issue of one
>                 contributor/member/users word over another, and can
>                 make things very difficult to mediate, and issues hard
>                 to resolve.
>         We would like for this to be considered a requirement for all
>         LoCo Team Channels, who are present under the #ubuntu- name
>         space on freenode, not just Approved Team channels. This would
>         only apply to each team main/core channel and does not apply
>         to additional offtopic/chat channels.  While some teams have
>         created offtopic channels in the past this has also lead to
>         the team core channel not being used and in some cases killing
>         off their channel so please be considerate of this. 
>         Sincerely,
>         The LoCo Council
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