Creation of Ubuntu LatinLoCos

Elián Hanisch lambdae2 at
Wed Nov 3 20:28:55 GMT 2010

On Domingo 31 Octubre 2010 15:13:13 Pablo Rubianes escribió:
> Hi I am glad to inform that yesterday with Sergio Meneses from Colombia,
> start the Ubuntu LatinLoCos project, an attempt to connect all the Latin
> America LoCos, in order to work together, share and everything we can think
> about.
> We sent mails to every LoCo in Latin America inviting to a meeting at the
> newly IRC channel #ubuntu-latinlocos next sunday 7th at 17 UTC, we also ask
> every LoCo to choose one member as representation, that member with have
> the voice of the team and will be able to vote in the decisions of the
> meeting.
> Hope to have sent to each LoCo the right way the emails, we got all the
> emails from to the admins of each team, if we miss anyone
> please contact me at pablorubianes-uy AT ubuntu DOT com

What's going to happen with #ubuntu-es-locos and project? I know that the Spain LoCo team 
isn't particularly active (at least on IRC) and the timezone gap, but is it 
necessary to start again another project/channel with a similar purpose?

~ m4v

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