Announcing the Website Localization Project

Savvas Radevic vicedar at
Wed Mar 17 21:32:49 GMT 2010

Hi Chris,

 I already have a "working" version of a multi-lingual php-based
website[0]. I say "working", because it's a website pack, more or less
centralized to work for ubuntu-cy. I don't know if it's good from a
security point of view (I surely hope so), nor if it is suitable for
the cause you need it, but I thought to let you know about it anyway.

If website is using php, using the wonderful php-gettext
[1], you could use the common.php [2] (to load and setup languages)
and header.php [3] (to specify the "select language" drop-down box) I

There's also a bash script, [4], that I run every time I
want to update the *.po translation files.

The translations (*.po files) are tracked in launchpad[5]. The .po
files are found in "i18n" folder and the machine-translation files
(*.mo) that are actually used by the website are found in "locale"


(See "Language box")

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