I write from Chile (about earthquake)

Philipp Stiegler gateway at gateways-home.org
Wed Mar 3 12:09:33 GMT 2010

Elvira Martínez schrieb:
>     Ubuntu Community,
>     As you know, Chile was victim of a devastate earthquake and
>     tsunami. See
>     my country so destroyed is very shocking and sad.
>     Until now, almost all the members of Ubuntu Chile were reported alive
>     with minor material losses, but we have many friends and family
>     who have
>     lost everything.
>     I am writing to ask you to keep us in your minds. The Ubuntu community
>     is more than just people programming, translating and triaging
>     bugs, we
>     are much more than that, we are hands creating and sharing, now I ask
>     you to share with us your strength, because we need them.
>     So please, pray for us, whatever their belief, we need today more than
>     ever be in the Ubuntu's circle of friends.
>     Thanks
>     Cristian Barahona G.
>     Chilean LoCo Contact
>     Ubuntu Member
Austrian Loco Team will pray for you and all of your friends.
Best wishes from our side.

Philipp Stiegler
Loco Team Austria

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