Country info in the LoCo Directory

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Jun 21 16:48:53 BST 2010

Hello everybody,

it took us a bit, but we now have a country list in the LoCo Directory
that is shipped by the iso-codes package. So instead of text field where
you can type in which country your LoCo is in, you can pick it from a
list now.

The obvious benefit of this is, we don't have "USA", "US", "United
States", "United States of America", etc. or "United Kingdom", "UK",
etc. in all their variations in the database, but only one name and we
can more easily match teams, venues and events in the future, which will
make the LD more fun.

We also added continent info that will make the LD more usable in the
future. If you're interested in working on it and check out what's going
on, head to Launchpad:

But… most importantly: please go to

 - and

and updated your country information there (if your LoCo is active in
various countries, you should be able to specify that too).

Thanks a lot in advance,

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