Ubuntu Q&A community in Shapado - progress

Fabian Rodriguez magicfab at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 29 00:09:23 BST 2010

Hi all

A few days ago I invited you to take a look at Shapado and its Ubuntu
Q&A community.

It's picking up nicely:

If anyone in this list wants to be an admin my only requirement is that
you are a current Ubuntu member.

Most users are English and Spanish for now. The site supports 4
languages (French, Portuguese, English and Spanish) with the next
release supporting many more, including Russian, Macedonian, Dutch,
Galician, German and Catalan. Progress of translation can be seen here:

My personal experience using it has been great and I've learned quite a
bit while exploring this new way of helping other Ubuntu users. My main
focus is Spanish and English. I've asked my local team members to take a
look at this but I don't expect much activity before school is back :D
Right now in summer most everyone I know here in Quebec is out catching
some sun.

Here are some questions posted lately:

* Qué paquete recomiendan para hacer capturas de pantalla en Ubuntu ?
* What's a good free software to manage a school?
* Cómo actualizar Ubuntu en un Dell Mini ?
* Are there plans for Ubuntu to support OpenStack?
* What is the best instant messaging client for Ubuntu?
* What's the status of Ubuntu One KDE client?

If you're interested in using Shapado and your language is not listed
above, you can contribute to its translation:

In tru dogfood fashin, bug reports and features can be posted in any
language on http://shapado.com directly - just use the "bug" or
"feature-request" tags accordingly.


Fabián Rodríguez, Ubuntu Quebec
Montreal, QC, Canada

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