How many Contacts are required per team ?

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Wed Jan 20 11:44:50 GMT 2010

Hi Laura

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 1:14 PM, Laura Czajkowski <laura at> wrote:
> I brought this up at last nights LoCo Council meeting, the consensus is
> that it should be left up to the team to work out. Many teams operate
> differently, some have a leader, others a team, and even some have
> councils. It would be best left up to them to work out what suits them.
> Depending on the make up of the LoCo , it makes sense in terms of
> volunteers to have multiple people because people get busy, go on
> holiday etc so long as it doesnt lead to confusion or lack of
> communication between members of the "leadership".

I think it can sometimes be a difficult task to choose how leadership
is set up in a LoCo team, perhaps it would be nice to list the types
of LoCo leadership styles that's been used by other teams and list the
pros and cons of each type and recommended size for each type. It
would probably not be ideal to set up a council if your loco team only
exists out of 5 members, or have a single leader for a LoCo team that
covers several states/provinces with thousands of members.

(sorry if this detracts a but from the contacts topic)


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