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Thu Jan 14 17:19:46 GMT 2010
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Hey everyone,

We, the Ubuntu MA LoCo and Linux Fund, are still trying to raise money to
showcase Ubuntu at the upcoming Anime Boston convention and the fundraising
deadline is just a couple months away! We need a big push for donations to
meet our goal so that we may print materials to hand out at the convention.
This is the largest community marketing event we've had of this kind so
please help make it a success! If you're a blogger or YouTuber, or anyone,
please try to spread the word and call for donations. We can't do this
without you!

Many thanks,

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> Many many thanks to everyone who has donated to the Ubuntu @ Anime Boston<> campaign
> so far. It hasn't taken us long at all to surpass our first primary target
> of $700 and guarantee the Ubuntu Massachusetts LoCo Team's presence at the
> event. We have officially secured a booth from which we can showcase and
> promote Free and Open Source software to thousands of convention goers! This
> would not be possible without your generous support, so thank you all again;
> your contributions are invaluable to us.
> Now that we will be attending, we need printed materials to distribute. Our
> next primary goal is for an additional $1500 to have copies of the Ubunchu
> Manga <> to give out. After we reach this
> milestone, we can get a lot more for a lot less. Community marketing events
> of this size are a rare opportunity, so lets make the very best of it! We
> welcome ideas and feedback in the comments or by email.
> Please donate here:
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