Tips/advice for successful community funded (marketing) projects?

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Wed Feb 17 02:54:22 GMT 2010

Op vrijdag 05-02-2010 om 13:13 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Jamal:
> I'm not particularly familiar with the topic of fundraising, so I
> apologize if my comments aren't helpful.
> How would it work if you asked attendees to donate a low amount for
> such events as release parties or other type of gatherings? They are
> expected to receive dinner, so I don't see why that would be too much
> to ask for. What are your thoughts? 

Well, "release parties" are different things for every locoteam, but if
you have a party where people can eat/drink, then of course it's useful
to make a little bit of profit on that!

Also, asking for donations can be really useful sometimes.  Most people
will give you a small amount like 0.50 or 1 € here, but sometimes
somebody gives 10 of 20 € too (e.g. because they are happy with Ubuntu,
have no time to volunteer, and thus want to help another way).

Donations can also be in addition to the base price of something, e.g.
if a drink is 1,50 €, make posters that any change money not claimed is
for the benefit of the locoteam, so if somebody pays with 2 € and says
"keep the change", you make an (extra) 0.50 € profit for the locoteam.

(Of course that's not possible when you are at a venue where you can't
sell your own drinks/food.  Make sure you use a venue where you can.
Volunteering for the bar is also a good way for non-technical people to
help the locoteam!)

PS: the € is used as an example monetary unit, replace by whatever is
used in your country!  ;-)

Jan Claeys

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