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Thu Feb 4 22:38:30 GMT 2010

Op maandag 25-01-2010 om 07:52 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Adi Roiban:
> I have the business card from the place we have been last year.
> Maybe we can get some help from those nice persons from BE Loco
> team :)
> Here is a wikipage 

As updated on that page:

        A reservation was made at the lebanese restaurant Al Jannah
        (where we had dinner last year) around 20h.  Last talks end
        around 19h, so this should give everybody enough time to gather
        your stuff and go to the city center.  The restaurant is about
        10 min walking from the Brussels Central train station (which is
        also a metro & bus stop), and (normally) there is parking space
        about 5 min from the train station.

If anything changes compared to the current list of who comes or doesn't
come with us, please let me know before Saturday noon...

Jan Claeys

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