August 17th Ubuntu LoCo Council IRC Meeting

Laura Czajkowski laura at
Tue Aug 17 22:33:09 UTC 2010


Thanks to all those who came and took part in the meeting. It really is 
great to see teams come to these meetings and bringing others with you
to cheer you on makes it very interesting. We are at present having TWO  
meetings a month to clear the back log of the re approvals and doing
others as well via email, so we are being kept busy. Every team is so  
different and interesting to see how they organise and promote Ubuntu,
it's well worth reading their applications. Full log -

* Update from action items from last meeting

o popey to create pdfs of successful team re approvals as examples to 
help teams

* LoCo Team {re}approvals

o Ubuntu-CO -  - 

o Ubuntu-HU - -Re-approved

o Ubuntu-TAM - - 
Asked the team to come back in two months with a more
detailed application

o Ubuntu-PE - - 
Asked the team to come back in September with 2009 Events

o Ubuntu-US-NM - -  Re-approved

o Ubuntu-US-CHI - - Re-approved

o Ubuntu-AST -  
- Approved

Thanks to all those who came and if you need a council member to look
over your application for advice just ask us in #ubuntu-locoteams


Skype: lauraczajkowski

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