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On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 7:02 AM, Jesper Jarlskov <jesper at> wrote:
> Hey list
> We have a small problem in the Danish LoCo, regarding the newly
> published "Official Ubuntu Book"s, which is available for the LoCos.
> We would very much like a copy of both books for the Danish LoCo, since
> we've been satisfied with the earlier edition we received last year, but
> we have a problem with the process, we're not sure who should order the
> books.
> The announcement[0] says that the books should be ordered by the LoCo
> contact, but points to a list[1] of Launchpad team owners, which at no
> point includes our LoCo contact [2] (which is me), so, should I order
> the books, or should the launchpad team owner?


I sent Heather the Wiki page as well - so if you are listed on the
loco wiki page she has that information as well.  I had the same issue
on the NC Team as I am not listed as the contact in the LoCo

I was told it there is a bug with LoCo Contact being listed and it is
being worked on. -

I mentioned this in the Loco-teams irc channel yesterday as well.

Hope that helps some.

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