SoSLUG Ubuntu Global Jam in East of England

Greg Grossmeier greg at
Sun Sep 20 18:35:55 BST 2009

<quoting name="linux" date="2009-09-20" time="18:19:47 +0100">

> Greg,
> Thankyou for your email, I am so sorry the disclaimer has upset you
> so much

I haven't read past this point yet, but I just wanted to say that it 
didn't "upset me so much." I see these disclaimers a lot and usually 
don't comment on them. I just thought it was a tad out of place on a LUG 
mailing list message, is all. And, I meant the ":)" at the end to 
indicate that I wasn't "upset" but more just pointing out something I 
find out of place.

That is all.

/me now continues to read the rest of your email...

> I was looking to draft in some professional help with a
> Ubuntu Global Jam, you know developers programmers that sought
> thing. It was not my intention to start an argument if the
> disclaimer is so unsuitable for a mailing list

No argument was started. :)

> perhaps you could
> suggest what it should contain. I am not a lawyer I don't draft in
> lawyers to scrutinise what should be a collection of helpful people
> some of whom may be professionals offering friendly advice.

I personally think that having a disclaimer on those messages is 
worthless and doesn't do anything. As soon as your mailing list is 
archived online (which is a Good Thing, so people can give URLs for 
certain messages, read archives, etc), the "if you are not the intended 
receipient of this email-message, please delete this message from your 
system and do not read, copy, distribute, disclose or otherwise use this 
e-mail message and any attachments" part is not enforceable anymore.

So, my suggestion: just remove it, you aren't gaining anything from it.

> I have
> looked for your email address on our mailing list and don't seem to
> locate it. So first let me make sure you have subscribed to the
> correct list.

I am not a member of that LUG and do not live there (I live in the US). 
:) I read your message on the ubuntu LoCo contacts mailing list.

> You are the first to complain about this I have not sought to
> structure a mailing list solely on it's legal importance. I just
> wanted to ensure it was read by the intended party and not therefore
> by accident perhaps, someone else.

And if someone else did by accident read your message on a publicly 
logged mailing list......?

Again, no argument here, I'm just pointing out the fact that using that 
disclaimer (or pretty much any disclaimer) on a LUG mailing list just 
seems very out of place.

Wish you the best!


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