Is LoCoTeam Luxembourg still active?

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Personally I don't think it's a "language" question, most people in
Luxembourg will search help in German, French or English (in this order of
importance) in the abundance of forums available on the Internet. I thought
that the purpose of the local community was to meet in person. In this case
the problem is more geographical; we would like to gather the people that
live nearby (let's say max. 1 hour driving). This does in no way exclude
cooperation with other people living further away, but I think it's just
easier to meet frequently if distances are not too big.

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Dirk Estievenart

Ubuntu BE and Ubuntu NL are already cooperation in some occasions; maybe it
> would be a good idea to start an Ubuntu Benelux cooperation effort to
> maximise the profit we gain from working together. This would make it easier
> for the Ubuntu enthusiasts in Luxembourg to come together without having to
> worry too much about the needed infrastructure.
> Then again, most cooperation between Ubuntu NL and Ubuntu BE is for the
> Dutch speaking part of Belgium and the Netherlands, I'm not aware of
> cooperation between Ubuntu FR and Ubuntu BE. However, Ubuntu BE does point
> to the -nl and -fr forums and IRC channels for support. Things Ubuntu NL and
> Ubuntu BE do together are mostly release parties and the like.
> So currently most cooperation seems to be language based, which could be a
> problem. Although Ubuntu BE uses German and French as well, no one has
> Luxembourgish on the list of supported languages.
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