A general rule for launchpad ubuntu loco teams display name?

Efrain Valles effie-jayx at ubuntu.com
Sun Sep 6 16:11:32 BST 2009


I definetelly feel your pain, I was one of the people in charge of
populating that team and name inconsistency made it extremely painfull
for us to find out what is what.

I do believe your proposal is interesting but the naming standard has
allowed people from other countries to express their name to reflect
their true local spirit.

In my opinion, the most important thing is the ubuntu-(country iso code)
whenever possible in all ubuntu listing. the naming inconsistency in my
opinion is something that makes the teams unique. some pople like to
call themselves differently and that is perfectly fine as long as people
can find them with their respective iso code.

for example the ubuntu-ve team refers to it as a "fraternidad Ubuntu de
Venezula", and it has had that name long before the LoCo team project
started. a name that has stayed with us even though we also reffer to
the team in many different ways. "Ubuntu Venezuela","Ubuntu Venezuela
Team", "Ubuntu LoCo Team Venezuela" or simply "ubuntu-ve". In our case
it is not easy, because we want to keep it simple for new commers, and
mostly the ubuntu-ve works fine.

this is a very good topic to discuss and I would like to know the
different views from different parts of the world.

Savvas Radevic escribió:
> Hello LoCo-alists :)
> I couldn't help to notice this morning that the names of the ubuntu
> teams are a *big mess*. See for your self:
> https://launchpad.net/~locoteams/+members
> - <country-ish/-an/-ek/-ot/-whatever> Team
> - <country-ish> LoCo Team, LoCal Team, Local Community Team
> - Ubuntu <country> LoCo Team, Local Community Team
> - Ubuntu <country-ish> LoCo Team
> - Ubuntu <country> users Team
> - and the list goes on.
> The above series breaks a really useful alphabetical order.
> There should be a naming standard for the launchpad loco teams, for example:
> a) Ubuntu <country>[ (region)] Local Community Team
> e.g. Ubuntu United States (New Mexico) Local Community Team
> b) Ubuntu-<two-letter country code>[-two/three-letter region code]
> Local Community Team
> e.g. Ubuntu US-NM Local Community Team
> c) A mix of (a) & (b): Ubuntu-<two-letter country
> code>[-two/three-letter region code] (<country>[, region]) Local
> Community Team
> e.g. Ubuntu US-NM (United States, New Mexico) Local Community Team
> (stuff in <...> required, [...] are optional, region = state or region)
> I strongly encourage (c), as an all-around, eye-catching and
> search-engine-optimised solution. Comments / Suggestions?
> P.S. I'm talking about the team "Display name", not the "team-name" in
> the link (e.g. "ubuntu-us" in http://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us). You
> could rename the team-name as well, but it's not so important for the
> alphabetical order.
> P.P.S. Don't start renaming anything yet! I think it's better for all
> of us to decide together. :)

Efrain Valles
Ubuntu LoCo Council Member
Ubuntu Membership Board of the Americas Member
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