Shipping Karmic CDs for LoCo teams

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Thu Oct 22 21:23:26 BST 2009

    I'm curious about your program for distribution among the poor.  How
do these "poor" have access to computers?  If each is expecting a CD
then each must have a computer to install it on.  I'm trying to get my
head around this idea because I live on the border between Texas and
Mexico and we are surround by genuinely poor people who could really use
computer access for a multitude of reasons.  But none are equipped with
computers and we have been directing them to the Library in Mission TX
where there are numerous Linux based computers available.

    If I can glean some of your concepts I might be able to put them
into effect here as well. 

John Abbott, Chairman    
Tip of Texas LUG

On Thu, 2009-10-22 at 21:56 +0200, Dolev Ravid wrote:

> Alex, 
> The "event" is an important program that marketing Ubuntu among poor
> population strata.
> Good day
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> Dor 
> I think that you overestimate a bit. If you organize "burning" event
> at some kind of Linux show or conference, I think a lot of people
> would agree to pay up for the media. And it would still be very cheap
> - how much the media could cost? Simple check on zap reveals that you
> can get a 50 pack for 32 NIS, which makes about .60 per disk. In
> addition, you can tell people to bring the CD with them, or ask
> sponsors of the even to help a bit with this. 
> What was that event btw? 
> Alex.
> On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 10:17 AM, דור דנקנר <d.dorda at>
> wrote: 
>         I'm very sad to hear you're going to do so.
>         few weeks ago out LoCo leader asked for 2000 discs (i agree
>         it's a little to much) for a very big event, but only 300
>         discs was sent to him, when it got in Israel, he was asked to
>         pay fees for the big amount of discs or that Canonical will
>         choose what to do, and they choose to destroy all the discs.
>         after many bureaucracy he got the discs, but still it was
>         almost unusable for the purpose it was supposed to be...
>         If that is the way i'll get discs from now and on (or anyone
>         in our country..) i'm not sure anyone will ask to get even one
>         disc..
>         I just installed on my school Ubuntu, people were amazed to
>         hear that i got the installation disc absolutely for free. I
>         believe this sending discs for free is a very important part
>         of the marketing of Ubuntu, and I'm sure there are many other
>         ways to reduce the number of the orders without limiting the
>         new users.
>         I thought about just filtering the orders, for example to send
>         just one disc of version for address, if someone in the same
>         address will ask for another disc he will see a message that
>         says that the user X just ordered a disc, and he may ask from
>         him to use it or just download the image file.
>         Ddorda.
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