Shipping Karmic CDs for LoCo teams

Dolev Ravid Dolev at
Thu Oct 22 20:56:37 BST 2009

The "event" is an important program that marketing Ubuntu among poor
population strata.

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I think that you overestimate a bit. If you organize "burning" event at
some kind of Linux show or conference, I think a lot of people would
agree to pay up for the media. And it would still be very cheap - how
much the media could cost? Simple check on zap reveals that you can get
a 50 pack for 32 NIS, which makes about .60 per disk. In addition, you
can tell people to bring the CD with them, or ask sponsors of the even
to help a bit with this.

What was that event btw?


On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 10:17 AM, דור דנקנר <d.dorda at> wrote:
        I'm very sad to hear you're going to do so.
        few weeks ago out LoCo leader asked for 2000 discs (i agree it's
        a little to much) for a very big event, but only 300 discs was
        sent to him, when it got in Israel, he was asked to pay fees for
        the big amount of discs or that Canonical will choose what to
        do, and they choose to destroy all the discs. after
        many bureaucracy he got the discs, but still it was almost
        unusable for the purpose it was supposed to be...
        If that is the way i'll get discs from now and on (or anyone in
        our country..) i'm not sure anyone will ask to get even one
        I just installed on my school Ubuntu, people were amazed to hear
        that i got the installation disc absolutely for free. I believe
        this sending discs for free is a very important part of the
        marketing of Ubuntu, and I'm sure there are many other ways to
        reduce the number of the orders without limiting the new users.
        I thought about just filtering the orders, for example to send
        just one disc of version for address, if someone in the same
        address will ask for another disc he will see a message that
        says that the user X just ordered a disc, and he may ask from
        him to use it or just download the image file.
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