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Wed Oct 21 17:59:31 BST 2009

I am extremely disappointed in seeing this move.  Ubuntu Membership is
difficult or impossible for new users to qualify.  It is moving the
"community" further out of the reach of non-programmers and new Linux
users.  The elite nature of membership is also diminishing its
attraction to many. 

I have been a beta tester for Ubuntu for six years.  I have generated
almost 100 error reports.  I have manually copied and distributed over
300 Ubuntu CD's.  I operate a Google Group dedicated to Ubuntu.  I teach
Ubuntu for Beginners once a week and have for six years.  And yet I
cannot establish a LoCo (although my group is in over 30 in number) and
I don't qualify for Ubuntu Membership.

Since it appears that Cononical is out of the free CD business, I
believe I am also.

On Wed, 2009-10-21 at 18:03 +0200, Jono Bacon wrote:

>     We will continue to supply CDs to LoCo teams and Ubuntu members. And
>     we hope to make CDs available to everyone who is just discovering
>     Ubuntu. And we continue to search for additional ways to make Ubuntu
>     and Ubuntu materials available to everyone. But we are limiting
>     shipments to people that we think have alternative paths of getting
>     Ubuntu. For instance,
>     * you can upgrade to the new release without a CD
>     (
>     * you can download your own CD for free
>     (
>     * you will be able to download the CD wallet artwork
>     (
>     * becoming an Ubuntu member
>     ( by
>     contributing to Ubuntu, and thereby becoming eligible for more CDs
>     * And finally, you can purchase CDs (
>     We will change the language on the ShipIt site to make it clearer
>     what we are doing. We hope that you support this effort and realise
>     that the intent is to continue to make Ubuntu available on CD to
>     everyone who needs it.
>     Jane Silber, Canonical
> I hope this makes things clear. :-)
> Jono
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> Jono Bacon
> Ubuntu Community Manager
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