Ubuntu Honduras Global Jam

Diego Turcios diegoturcios at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 4 08:37:13 BST 2009

Well this Saturday, 3 of October here in Honduras we did the first global Jam.
We did something completely new. We help translate the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.
That was our primary work, also did a few launchpad translations and a little guide for new user using the IRC.
If you want read about can read it here. 
http://ubuntu-honduras.org/node/18    ->English
http://ubuntu-honduras.org/node/19    ->Spanish

t has finished a long day, and it feels great joy to know that the Ubuntu Loco Team Honduras is prospering day by day. True, we are few, and we had many drawbacks to this day that was going on the Ubuntu Global Jam.
The plan A to which it wase not made as many members could not attend
due to work, Plan B free pizza to eat, gave no appreciable results. But
it is of great joy for me that Elvira and join us to ship an old school
friend whom the idea of eating pizza and to know more about the Ubuntu
community call him the attention.
It's true we didn't a collaboration of luxury, translations like
crazy, write documentation, help to report bugs, test Karmic Ubuntu.
Just did 1 small guide / documentation to help many people who have
difficulty in using IRC because few people know they are on IRC. Later
we did an occasional translation in launchpad and what made us feel
happy is if we helped the Translation Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Team to
translate the previous editions into spanish. We got importance to this
translation because it is 3 or 4 versions delayed. We knew it wasn't an
activity included in the jams, but it is something new. Since many
people speaking spanish have concerns about what happens in the Ubuntu
community and the only way to read the news worldwide about Ubuntu is
only found in English, that was one of our reasons to bring the news to
the rest of Hispanic Latin American tongue.

Almost done to translate an edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter,
it was time for pizza. Talk a little about the community and future
plans we have.

We were few, but we really enjoyed it.
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