Why I can't be Ubuntu Member

zarul shahrin zarulshahrin at ubuntu.com
Sat Oct 3 00:32:36 BST 2009

Are you sure you have read the Wiki regarding the membership process? I
think that's the most important thing that everyone who is interested in
being a "member" has to do especially if you consider yourself as a "leader"
for your community. Or if you are aware of it, is there any particular
reason you're not following the standard process? Anyway, good luck on your


On Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 6:37 AM, Dolev Ravid <Dolev at shezif.co.il> wrote:

>  Good evening..
> Since the last two years I'm the head of the Israeli LoCo team.
> In the last two years I do a lot of things to develop the Israeli community
> and to publish Ubuntu.
> I don't want to boast but since I take the Head of the Israeli LoCo job the
> Israeli community become one of the most quality and important community's
> in Israel.
> Today the Israeli community and I going to get new 3000 ubuntu users
> (cooperation between Elan Ramon center) and I've a lot of work about it.
> I just write to the RT before a lot of time and I didn't get answer.
> I'm feeling very humiliated from this situation - Head of LoCo that doesn't
> Ubuntu member..
> So, may i've some help with this?
> Thank you
>   *Dolev Ravid*
> The head of the Israeli LoCo team.
> Phone: +972-52-7022996
> Email: Dolev at shezif.co.il
> Blog: http://shezif.co.il
> Website: http://ubuntu-il.com
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