Why I can't be Ubuntu Member

Dolev Ravid Dolev at shezif.co.il
Fri Oct 2 23:37:37 BST 2009

Good evening..

Since the last two years I'm the head of the Israeli LoCo team.
In the last two years I do a lot of things to develop the Israeli
community and to publish Ubuntu.

I don't want to boast but since I take the Head of the Israeli LoCo job
the Israeli community become one of the most quality and important
community's in Israel. 
Today the Israeli community and I going to get new 3000 ubuntu users
(cooperation between Elan Ramon center) and I've a lot of work about it.

I just write to the RT before a lot of time and I didn't get answer.
I'm feeling very humiliated from this situation - Head of LoCo that
doesn't Ubuntu member..

So, may i've some help with this?

Thank you 

Dolev Ravid
The head of the Israeli LoCo team.
Phone: +972-52-7022996
Email: Dolev at shezif.co.il   
Blog: http://shezif.co.il
Website: http://ubuntu-il.com

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