Got the LoCo Team CDs, but without the contact me

Jan Claeys lists at
Tue Nov 17 20:03:21 GMT 2009

Op dinsdag 10-11-2009 om 23:31 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Dolev
> Well ... Yes, It is it... import tax correctly...
> I don't know how to disable this...
> but as I heard from some friends I understand that if canonical will
> write that it's costs less then something like 20 $ the IATA will not
> require me to pay the fee's....
> So maybe we should try that? 

I doubt they will believe 400 CDs cost less than 20 USD, but the
Proforma Invoice on the box says: "Reason for export: GIFT" and "These
cdroms have no commercial value, the value on this invoice is a
replacement value and for customs purposes only.  These cdroms are not
for resale, but for promotional and educational use only."

Can't you do anything with that?

(The required "magic incantations" might differ per country of course.)

Jan Claeys

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