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Tue Mar 31 12:50:35 BST 2009

Hi Team,

> Hello everybody,
> as some of you will have noticed, we announced the Packaging Training
> sessions over here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training
> This is an effort by the Ubuntu Developer community to create a place
> where new developers get involved, learn something new and can ask all
> their questions. Every Thursday we'll have another session in
> #ubuntu-classroom.

Really good idea to add more value by giving chance to new developers

> Why am I asking for help here? Because we'd also like to make it easier
> for people who are not familiar enough with the English language. That
> does not mean we want to translate the full sessions simultaneously, but
> if people ask questions and are afraid to ask them in English, we'd like
> to get their questions translated into.
> How do we think this should work? The sessions are going to happen in
> #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net. I for one am going to hang out in
> #ubuntu-classroom-de as well and if somebody asks a question in German
> in there, I'll simply translate it and re-ask it in #ubuntu-classroom.
> Unfortunately there's no way around learning enough English to
> participate in Ubuntu Development. You simply have to pick up enough to
> collaborate with all other developers. We just want to make the first
> steps as easy as possible.

I can also join on irc to learn ubuntu packaging

> In the future, it'd be nice to have the Packaging Guide translated to
> all other languages as well and maybe have sessions in multiple
> languages, for now we just aim towards the most easily achievable goals.
> We'd appreciate if you'd hang out in the #ubuntu-classroom-<??> channels
> during Thursdays and help out a bit. If you're willing, please add
> yourself to
>        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training
> Thanks a lot in advance, by this simple effort you make the world a
> better place!---

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