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Mon Mar 16 18:30:53 GMT 2009

each others continued benefit. We want to help each other keep away
from stealing other people's property, prosper with open and inclusive
technology, grow together as a nation.

You know about Ubuntu Linux, now your family members, your friends and
colleagues know about Linux in general, everyone that has installed
software on their or someone's computer definitely knows about Linux
or even the words FOSS or Free Software. I can relate to this mindset
as a result of evident change. I feel happy that the FOSS platform
developed by the old community members of the Debian Linux
Distribution and thousands of others under the umbrella of and is used widely or people know
about it to a large extent in the Government, Academia, Civil Society
and Private Sectors and has reached this level due to our volunteers
and people who use it for learning, fun, research, work or business,
finding it very useful.

We have visited your offices, we have written stories and case studies
about you. We have shared with the world that you are an aspiring and
inspiring nation. You are open to intellectual change. You are free to
experiment and adopt. Thank you Pakistan for sharing the freedoms of
Free and Open Source Software FOSS and by the way don't forget to
continue sharing it with your friends and neighbors!

Bravo to the students of the University of Jamshoro in Sindh,
Pakistan! Bravo to all of you, that has at least thought about Linux
or FOSS! Welcome to Freedom of Choice, congratulations for accepting


Fouad Bajwa
Answering all your technology questions

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