Team Information Request

Alexey Molchanov alexey.molchanov at
Mon Mar 16 13:50:27 GMT 2009


Information about ubuntu-ru LoCo team follows.

LP ID: we still don't have single official ID in the Launchpad. We
would like to use "ubuntu-ru" ID, but it already exists and unused
(see If possible, please free it so
we can register that ID.
Country: Any with Russian speaking users (it's language based, not
country based)
Mailing List:
Forums: (our major and most popular resource)
Email: ubuntu-ru at
IRC Channel: #ubuntu-ru on the Freenode network
Provides Support: Our community provides free noncommercial online
support. But if you ask about any kind of commercial and/or offline
support services then the answer is no.
Approved: No
Approved Date:

Alexey Molchanov (
Jabber: skyrider at

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