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Savvas Radevic vicedar at
Sat Jun 20 11:24:48 BST 2009

People, it is generally preferred to at least send an email to the other
party (spam at aberro) in order to avoid any confusion.

Here's the reply I got from that person:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <spam at>
Date: 2009/6/20
Subject: Re: Ubuntu-cy subscription notification
To: Savvas Radevic <vicedar at>


I'm sorry to alarm you. The address is simply used for load testing an open
source webmail product I'm writing, this is why I subscribed. I'm not a
spambot or anything of the like - this is just a disposable email address
I'm using for the time being to put the code through its paces.



On Sat, 20 Jun 2009 12:06:48 +0200, Savvas Radevic <vicedar at>
> 2009/6/20 <mailman-bounces at>
>> spam at has been successfully subscribed to Ubuntu-cy.
> Hi I've noticed that you have subscribed to ubuntu-cy mailing list. Your
> email looks weird. Are you a business interested in Ubuntu in Cyprus?
> Are you a subscription service of unsolicited emails? If so, please
> unsubscribe yourself.
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