Did anyone else get a subscription from....

Savvas Radevic vicedar at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 17:21:49 BST 2009

I forgot to report this to ubuntu-locoteams, I noticed it a couple of
days ago and asked:

Savvas Radevic <vicedar at gmail.com>
to	newman at newman.archiveorange.com
date	2 June 2009 02:13
subject	archive site?

Hi, is this an email for an archiving site?
I noticed that you registered in ubuntu-cy at lists.ubuntu.com mailing list

from	Jamie Lavigne <njlavigne at gmail.com>
to	vicedar at gmail.com
date	2 June 2009 02:34
subject	Re: archive site?

Yes, it is (or it will be soon, the site will get going in the next
week or so).  If you don't want to be archived, feel free to remove
the archiver address from your list.

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