Ubuntu-Tour in Honduras

Diego Turcios diegoturcios at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 19 03:40:02 BST 2009

We did the first presentation of the Ubuntu-Tour. Here is a little summary of what was the event.

After many political
problems in our country. The event had been canceled. And yesterday
last night some members of the team had some personal problems which
stoped them from going to the tour. But thanks God everything went
fine .We had problems with Alex
on arriving  the school. But al last we fine it.

We did talk about many
topics on the tour. Which were the followings:

Whats Free Software? & And What is Ubuntu Linux? This
topic, the graphical environment and the demonstration of free
software applications were  my contributions to the tour. Alex talk
about the office automation OpenOffice.org, also he talked about the
how to update our system without having an Internet connection. And
at last he was en charged of showing the Students of the Master
School on how to install Ubuntu, and the phrase the students says and
I wouldn't forget is Bye Windows, We Like Ubuntu!!!

that was the first presentation
of the Ubuntu-Tour in Honduras. We have fun, and it was a nice
experience. We are waiting to see which is our next presentation.
about the tour you can find it here:



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