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On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 1:11 AM, Rubén Romero y Cordero
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> Hi to you all,
> From the UbuntuLoCoHOWTO : "Sometimes, the right person to start a
> LoCo team and get it off the ground is not also the right person to
> administer the team once it has grown past a certain size. We ask that
> LoCo teams stay aware of the need to have the right leadership in
> place as the team grows. "
> So since the summer of 2007 I've been the contact member of the Ubuntu
> Ecuador Team. We have organized many events, had visibility in the
> FLOSS movement within the country and even got approved as an official
> LoCo team. One year and a half later here I am with a wonderful
> experience and lots of good memories. But I have to face the fact that
> I am limited by time and space: I live in Norway and the team is
> actually in Ecuador, South-America.
> The issue at stake here is basically adressed by the quote at the
> beginning of this e-mail. The only problem I have is that I am not
> confindent the people that are willing to "take over" understand what
> the leadership role means. Some of them have done some work for the
> community and are active through activities both online and offline,
> some of them not so much.
> It seems to me that their idea of a LoCo team is not aligned with what
> I perceive to be  the global Ubuntu community in several points:
>  * The proposed leader has not signed the CoC, and there's a lot of
> emphasis in his own company's branding.
>  * There's a lot of talk about making money for the group using the
> Ubuntu brand and getting corporate sponsorship for ads in the LoCo
> site. Until now money has never been an issue and all of our
> activities have been materialized through direct member contributions
> for specific projects or tasks. many of which have practically been
> financed by Canonical (through CDs, stickers, event booths).
>  * There is no plan on how to better organize the activities within
> the team and make it a solid group.
>  * The co-founder of the team has left the list and announced that he
> plans on working from outside the team for the time being.
> I am taking this up in this list because as thing are I,
> unfortunately, do not believe that we have a solid enough community:
> When I reduced my activity level, the global activity level was
> reduced too. We had a meritocracy, the more you do, the more you get
> to decide.
> Ubuntu Ecuador needs new leadership, indeed, and no matter what we
> discuss here in the loco-contact list this issue will be resolved by
> the local community within a community process. I just want to share
> this experience and contribute to the transparency of this and othe
> similar processes so we hopefully can help each other when issues such
> as this arise.
> I would very much appreciate your comments.

Hi Ruben,

I won't comment, but I offer personal help,

since I'm doing a small projects in Galapagos with Linux, and going to stay
some weeks in Ecuador as well, I'm planning to help raise the community level
with interesting events in Ecuador, please write me email so we can collaborate,
you have contacts on local level, which I have only few, etc...



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