Can I be a loco contact?

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Sun Jan 11 14:56:49 GMT 2009

2009/1/11 JiHui Choi <jihui.choi at>:
> On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 8:06 PM, Siegfried-Angel
> <siggi.gevatter at> wrote:
>> No, in your own language and wherever your LoCo Team uses to meet. It
>> is not a matter of "we" trusting you, but of most of the members of
>> your LoCo Team wanting you to be a Team Contact.
> I understand.
> But I wonder how to prove to all of you.
> Whether our team make a meeting, or our team members support me, else..
> and we have a lot of members. but most are not active.
> so I'll ask to my team members for a week through mailing list and irc channel.
> and if there's no objection and are some agreements, I can think I get
> the approval.
> Shall I do like this?

Yes, you don't need proof, but you must do it right.
It is proof enough if when putting your name on the wiki LoCo list
there is no complaint.

> and last, I'm really sorry all of you.
> Actually I don't have any idea about ubuntu loco team and my english is so bad.

Don't apologize, this list is for that kind of thing and the English
for non-English speakers is quite alike.

> However, no because of that, I want to know how to do for being a contact.

Go for it! :-)

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