Can I be a loco contact?

JiHui Choi jihui.choi at
Fri Jan 9 09:30:01 GMT 2009

Hello, all.

I'm a manager of ubuntu korean users community.

In fact, I'm not a lead. But I'd like to be a loco contact.
- active? : Yes, I am. I manage ubuntu korean forum for a year.
  and I'm participating some part of ubuntu via launchpad. and I have
a ppa for our users.

- mailing-lists? : I subscribe ubuntu-ko, ubuntu-announce, ubuntu-news

- acting? : translation, managing forum, organazing some meeting or

- Ubuntu Member? : Yes, I'm an ubuntero. see

and korean loco team aleady has a contact, chabrother
But I want to be another contact. Can I be? If you need any check
about me, please ask chabrother. He'll give a guaranty of me.


JiHui Choi

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