Sarcasm and making fun of other projects in loco team lists

Rich Vázquez rich.vazquez at
Thu Jan 8 18:37:16 GMT 2009

I think sophomoric approaches to criticism are bad, but I also find
the community also has extreme urge to abate any criticism of
Microsoft at all.

People dislike Microsoft because of their historical architecture and
business practices.  They have, after all, settled with several
governments on the issue of their business practices.  I criticize
Apple as well on their closed nature (A creative commons stickers
covers the Mac logo on my MacBook and glows nicely).

I think criticism should be more presentable, but I'd also like to see
the growing culture of apologetic open source proponents change.  I've
heard too many open source presentations start with "Not to bash X".
A lot of time it seems to come from consultants who butter their bread
with both sides.  Nothing wrong with that (I'm apologizing), but we
shouldn't consistently apologize for promoting open source over closed
source (or in addition too).

Rich Vázquez

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 12:26 PM, Aaron Toponce <atoponce at> wrote:
> This is unfortunate. Labeling Microsoft as "M$", "Micro$oft" or other
> variations only show the fanboy nature of the originator. Consider the
> following post on a thread about Silverlight, and Moonlight from the
> Mono project:
> This is well written, and bookmarked in my browser for anyone who pulls
> out such garbage. The post, as you can see, covers other items such as
> Apple and proprietary software, but the point about "M$" is well made.
> At any event, it might be worth some time spent discussing such behavior
> with your team.
> Good luck!
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