Sarcasm and making fun of other projects in loco team lists

Matthew Copple mcopple at
Thu Jan 8 17:23:01 GMT 2009

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 10:09 AM, Fabian Rodriguez <magicfab at> wrote:

> I deeply resent any sarcasm and bad mouthing of other operating systems
> and Linux distributions, particularly any references to them like
> Micro$oft. I strongly believe that's against our CoC and it sets the
> mood for other non-constructive comments and trolls.

This kind of behavior is normal. If you walk into a political rally,
you will find members "talking trash" about the rival party or
parties. If you work for a business in a competitive industry, you'll
often find employees talking down the competition. It is a sign that
you have satisfied, highly-motivated, spirited members.

I strongly recommend against punishment or banning. Instead, try to
channel that energy into something more positive. See if you can get
those folks more deeply involved in the LoCo or the Ubuntu community,
and at that point, remind them that representing the face of Ubuntu
publicly requires a less spirited approach.

On the other hand, realize that the only way you keep members active
is to keep them motivated. If they feel like their participation is
not valued, or feel that membership is boring, they won't stay, no
matter how good the operating system is. Throwing the troops a little
"red meat" from time to time is a time-honored and effective way of
injecting excitement and competitiveness.

Ubuntu will not win converts based on intellectual benefits alone. If
you look at any professional salesperson (including Canonical's, I
suspect), you will find they are individuals who are EXCITED about
their product, and who infect others with that excitement. Ubuntu's
salesforce is its userbase -- the community must find ways to make its
members excited about Ubuntu, so they will pass that excitement on to
friends and co-workers. The key is to find ways to channel
overexcitement or cynicism into more useful pursuits.

Matthew G. Copple
mcopple at

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