UDS follow up - Improving Conference Pack

Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Tue Aug 25 10:03:38 BST 2009

În data de Ma, 30-06-2009 la 22:28 +0400, Dmitry Agafonov a scris:
>         Jono, as a start, do you think we can have the source files
>         for the
>         leaflet provided in the conference pack and for the Ubuntu
>         9.04 CD
>         Covers and envelope?
> I've failed to open those EPS files in scribus under 8.04.2 :(
> Please, please, give us useable sources of marketing materials (to
> translate and adapt).

Jono, do you have any news regarding our access to the source files for
the Ubuntu CD covers and leafleats.

BTW, I have made a new request for an Ubuntu Conference Pack for an
Romanian event with a note that we don't want the leaflets, but the pack
arrived with 50 or more leafleats. In our case this was a waste of

Maybe we can create an official non-english language pack.

Adi Roiban

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