How can we participate in Global Jam?

Rafael Carreras rcarreras at
Sat Aug 22 13:40:50 BST 2009

2009/8/22 JiHui Choi <jihui.choi at>:
> Hello, all
> I'm in Korean Loco Team.
> I've heard about Global Jam, but I don't have much information.
> I'd like to introduce it to Korean team members and encourge to participate.
> Is anyone who help me to understand about Global Jam and to know how I
> can do for it?
> Q1. What is the Global Jam?
> (solved,
> Q2. What exactly things do you do in that period?
> (collecting bug, arragement, and fix them?)

Yes, that's one of the things, others are testing, documenting and translating.

> Q3. Do you meet in a specific place, or just talk on irc?
> (I see, both)

Both would be great, but its great to meet in person with other people. :-)

> Q4. What do we need?
> I have this, but I can't catch the whole process.

You need a place to be, with decent internet connexion, some
computers, and great people to share the work. Probably you can find a
place in a University, school or even neighborhood local. Contact the
Korean translation team.

> I already read some documents about Global Jam, but I'm not clear yet.
> Because I'm not used to English and this is the first time. I need some help.

That's the place. Ask what you need.

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