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Thu Aug 20 13:35:28 BST 2009

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Hello everybody,

thanks a bunch Efrain for kicking off this effort! The Web buttons are
looking great.

Efrain Valles wrote:
> A fruit of discussions we have had on hot to promote events in the
> Ubuntu Community, one of the things that came about was to share
> information on events all across the community.
> Ubuntu Developer Week offers a unique oportunity to begin sharing ideas
> on mpromoting and later refine how we promote these kinds of events
> throught the whole Ubuntu community and the FOSS world.

I'm concsious of the fact that you as community leaders all follow the
major mailing lists of the project, Planet Ubuntu and so on, but there's
a lot of people who are very likely not going to hear about this
initiative because their native language is not English or they just
follow the mailing list or forum of their city's Ubuntu group.

I'd appreciate it very much if you could try to reach out and send a few
announcement mails to the forums and mailing lists you know about. Maybe
this could be a fine start of creating an "announcement checklist" for
the individual LoCo teams.

I.e. the German team could list things like:
 * ubuntu-de mailing list
 * Ikhaya magazine (
 * Ubuntu users forum:
 * ubuntu-berlin mailing list
 * etc. etc.

It usually requires very little effort to spread the word, it's just
that our community has grown so large, that it takes a bit more
organisation to reach out a bit broader.

Please let everybody know of UDW. Original announce:

And please let me know what you think about the "announcement checklist"
for your LoCo team.

Have a great day,
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