Connecting users to LoCo's via IRC

Richard JOHNSON nixternal at
Sat Aug 8 16:27:53 BST 2009

On Mon, Aug 03, 2009 at 10:51:13AM +0100, Jorge O. Castro wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Right now in our IRC clients when you launch them we autojoin them to
> #ubuntu. This makes the channel unwieldy, see
> I was wondering how people felt about having the users join
> #ubuntu-COUNTRYCODE instead, so depending on your locale it would join
> you to that channel instead of #ubuntu. How do you feel about this,
> would it be useful for LoCo's or do you feel like you would get
> "spammed" by random users?


Getting spammed by random users wouldn't bother me if I could therefor
increase the active participation in the LoCo. I think this would probably
work better for those not in the US. For the US ones, they would go to the
US LoCo chan and there we would need like WalMart greaters :)

Now the bad part, which isn't spam, but not all channels are super active
all of the time. With this in mind, someone might join the channel, do the
whole HELLO!?!?! and GOODBYE!?!?! thing in like 2 minutes time.

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