Connecting users to LoCo's via IRC

Rafael Carreras rcarreras at
Mon Aug 3 11:05:46 BST 2009

2009/8/3 Jorge O. Castro <jorge at>:
> Hi everyone,
> Right now in our IRC clients when you launch them we autojoin them to
> #ubuntu. This makes the channel unwieldy, see
> I was wondering how people felt about having the users join
> #ubuntu-COUNTRYCODE instead, so depending on your locale it would join
> you to that channel instead of #ubuntu. How do you feel about this,
> would it be useful for LoCo's or do you feel like you would get
> "spammed" by random users?

I think it is a good idea, only mind that locale does not always
correspond with country code. I don't think it would represent a spam

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