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Fouad Bajwa fouadbajwa at
Fri Sep 26 01:05:45 BST 2008

For us in Pakistan, where the Intellectual Property Organization of
Pakistan has clearly stated in national legislation on IPR that
software in Pakistan will not be patented but can be copyrighted!

This leaves us to the fact that the codecs or their patentability
holds less value for our citizens but at the same time the major
interest that has taken Ubuntu from the home user and enthusiast to
the enterprise level and government support is the drive against
software piracy!!!

In each country such complications will have different affects, as for
Ubuntu Pakistan Team, the affects would be negligible in the
short-term but in the longterm I would be and so would the members of
the Pakistan Team be very skeptical because this change will affect
not only one or two countries but the overall Ubuntu community network
around the whole world.


Fouad Bajwa
Ubuntu Pakistan Official Team

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 11:38 AM, Neil Coetzer <nit006.5 at> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have just had a rather embarrassing situation arise over the announcement
> of proprietary codecs being for sale. We have just submitted an article
> (which we do monthly) to a local newsletter published by the Computer
> Society of Zimbabwe, and along with our article bragging about the Ubuntu
> promise of always being free, they also published a link to this article:
> which claims that Ubuntu has become commercial and is no longer free based
> on this codec issue. I have so far been unable to find out for sure, whether
> or not the free download of codecs is still available? I would assume so,
> but can anyone confirm this before I start complaining to the people who
> mass-mailed that link? I would appreciate it if anyone can shed any light on
> what is actually happening and what the implications are.
> Urgent feedback would be appreciated so that I can jump on the Computer
> Society of Zimbabwe and ask them to retract that publicly if necessary.
> Regards,
> Neil
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