New Ubuntu Loco-Drupal Release with php background image generator

David Giard swe3tdave at
Tue Sep 23 02:35:31 BST 2008


i'm still working on the LoCo Drupal
<> theme. I wanted to give people
the chance to be able to easily put they're own colors so i came up with
a php script to generate Ubuntu style background gradient image

it took me hours to came up with the right gradient curve formula but it
looks great. The latest revision of Loco Drupal
<> also feature new transparent
png borders so they will appear to change color when you change the

The're is also a new colors.php file where you can easily change the
theme and put your own colors.

I also fixed most of the problems in IE6; Of course it took me hours,
and i had to use a couple of ugly hacks but it work.

Enjoy, ;)

David Giard
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