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Savvas vicedar at
Sat Nov 22 11:25:10 GMT 2008

I don't know if anyone else posted a similar solution, but if you
would like to create an events page that separates them as Upcoming
and Past, I've found a simple solution without having to move or
rename wiki pages - using categories on each page.

For example:
The wiki page
has these two footnote lines:
CypriotTeam CategoryEvents ReleaseParties IntrepidReleaseParties

Categories are added at the footer area, after the four dashes "-" and
they are separated by space.
Note the last category, "CategoryCypriotTeamPastEvents".

If you go to the events tracker page:
(or ) will notice the following code (within a table wiki format) for
upcoming events:
..and this for past events:
"<<PageList(category:CategoryCypriotTeamPastEvents regex:^CypriotTeam/Events)>>"

The "category:" means it searches for that category and the "regex:"
field searches and matches a specific set of pages to look for the
category - for the above example, the subpages of CypriotTeam/Events
wiki page. Combining category and regex really speeds up the results,
so it's recommended to use them both if doing such searching.

As you can see, it's pretty easy to track down and easily edit and
simply change its category and it automagically gets listed in "Past
Events". Hope someone will make a good use out of this! :)

Savvas aka medigeek

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