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Rubén Romero y Cordero huayra at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 20 16:39:50 GMT 2008

Hi everyone,

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 4:18 PM, Adi Roiban <adi at roiban.ro> wrote:

> Hi,
> What is the status of this project.
> I think it's a great project but we need to promote it.

The DIY part of the SpreadUbuntu project is being developed now. We expect
it to be done and runable in Canonical's servers by the release of Jaunty.

Although it is a testing platform, all the material we have there will be
part of the original diy.spreadubuntu.com site when it launches, so If you
have any material please go ahead and share it with the whole community.
Also if you can make translations it would e great.

> >From what I know it is hosted on a loco server.

Yes, it is hosted in the server for the Ubuntu Ecuador LoCo:

The project and the team are in LaunchPad:

> Can we move it to a central point and start bloging about it
> ?

If it was that simple we would have it already at spreadubuntu.com, but it
has to go throug an approval process and we have not arrived there yet.

You can of course blog about it as I already have in my blog:
The thing is the site is not 100% ready to be moved to the Canonical
servers, and we have not gotten approved for that either.

> Cheers!
> --
> Adi Roiban

Rubén Romero
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