Team Member Participation

Matthew East mdke at
Thu Nov 6 09:01:52 GMT 2008

On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 8:08 AM, David Overcash <funnylookinhat at> wrote:
> Neil,
> What many teams do is to simply mark people as inactive members.  This
> doesn't necessarilly hurt anyone's feelings, but keeps records of previous
> members and makes it easy for them to become contributors to your LoCo's
> activities again without much hassle.  Simply put a clause on the wiki site
> that inactive members result from 3 months of inactivity, or something to
> this effect.

One easy way to do it is to set your Launchpad team to an expiry
period of 12 months or whatever alternative period you are happy with
(I think 3 months is rather short), and allow individuals to
auto-renew their membership. That way, those not interested in
auto-renewing will drift away gradually. Instead of maintaining a list
of members on the wiki, just add a link to the Launchpad team.

This is a pretty sane way to manage most Launchpad teams that are not
restricted, I think.

Matthew East
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