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Thu Nov 6 08:37:06 GMT 2008

We have a similar situation in the VenezuelaTeam, but most of us (Including
Myself) are active in the FOSS events season within the country (Which are
between Febrary and August)... and sporadically one or another... We have
many members too (At least the website says so)... yet we always see the
same faces... its a common problem... We cant have monthly meetings, since
most of us live far away from others... but we do an effort to keep in
touch... which has worked pretty fine...

For the VenezuelaTeam case, we just have a small list of members, who are
the most active in certain period of time (Like 6 months or so)... and we
also make some exceptions for people who really shows big interest and put
effort on it... and as "reward" or whatever you want to call it... we give a mail address and other things (Like including them on a small
mailing list which we use to discuss internal stuff and so on... So i would
suggest you to have a list.. where everyone could sign up and another
"internal" list... for the most active people... managed by someone (LoCo

2008/11/7 Neil Coetzer <nit006.5 at>

> Hi all,
> As a relatively young team I would like to seek advice from some of the
> more experienced teams around the world.
> When the Zimbabwe Team was initially formed, there was a lot of
> enthusiasm and a number of people signed up. However, we have never seen
> or heard from many of them since, despite our attempt to get them
> involved and motivate them. It has come down to a handful of people
> doing all the work while most others do not participate at all. We have
> monthly meetings, but it is always the same old faces (and sometimes
> totally new faces who have not joined the team yet). On 1st November we
> held the first ever Ubuntu Release Party in Zimbabwe, and only four team
> members were present. Some of the more active members are starting to
> feel very frustrated by this and questions are being raised as to
> whether or not the stagnant people should be kept on the list at all.
> Since LoCo's are very open-door and completely voluntary, the idea of
> forcibly removing people from the team list could lead to further
> problems, but as other members have pointed out, the team listed on our
> wiki site does not accurately reflect the team in reality.
> I would appreciate any guidance on how best to handle this issue in a
> way that will keep active members happy, without discouraging other
> people.
> Regards,
> Neil
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