Legal entity

Jad madi jad at
Wed May 7 09:37:04 BST 2008

We had similar concerns at Ubuntu-Jo and it was answered during Hardy OpenWeek.

May 03 22:19:28 <Syntux>	QUESTION: From personal experience, by
holding festivals, lectures, participating in conferences and giving
courses about Ubuntu, we are opening a circuit that someone should
close which is the opportunity of doing business; Some companies and
organizations contacted us asking for the possibility of providing
commercial support if they decided to switch their IT infrastructure
to Ubuntu and they actually want us to handle it from A to Z;
May 03 22:19:28 <Syntux>	would it hurt to give such commercial support
on freelancer basis or becoming sort of mediation between Canonical
tech support and local companies?

May 03 22:30:35 <boredandblogging>	Synutx asked if the LoCo can
provide commercial support to companies
May 03 22:31:36 <boredandblogging>	specifically if the business
opportunity can be done under the LoCo team
May 03 22:32:50 <boredandblogging>	while that really isn't the point
of the LoCo team, I would probably encourage creating some kind of
legal entity
May 03 22:33:16 <boredandblogging>	while probably partnering with
Canonical to provide partner services

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