Changing contact for Romanian Loco Team

Jan Claeys lists at
Sun Jun 29 21:22:36 BST 2008

Op vrijdag 27-06-2008 om 10:12 uur [tijdzone +0300], schreef Adi Roiban:
> I'm asking you to advise us in how to proceed for changing the Romanian
> Loco Team Contact?

> I have read the wiki but I could not find any information about the
> steps for changing a Loco Team Contact. 

Good point, we might want to add this to a FAQ or something.

> In the 2nd of july I have sent an email to loco-council at
> but I don't know if it was approved from the moderation queue.

I guess you mean 2nd of June?  ;-)

> Below is the recommendation from Dan Damian sent to Jono. Dan is
> currently listed as the Romanian LocoTeam Contact

I didn't see it on the LoCo Council list yet either, but AFAIK there is
no approval by us required...

IMHO this is internal business of your locoteam, and if you want to make
clear this is no hostile takeover or something, just have DanD change
the <> wiki page to show you as the
new team leader and/or have him mail this list with that info and change
the wiki yourself.

Jan Claeys

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