Best Practices: Getting the word out?

Julius Bloch juliux at
Wed Jun 25 10:37:04 BST 2008


Quoting Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at>:

> The LoCo world has grown from just a few enthusiasts in a couple of
> countries to fully-fledged city teams and LoCo teams in almost all the
> countries of the world. Most LoCo leaders are on the loco-contacts
> mailing list, but how many people in a random city of your LoCo (who
> don't read or the Fridge, etc) do find out about new
> intiatives or a world-wide event?

Normaly the person who is on the loco-contacts list or who reads the  
fridge will push it into his locoteam.
So we will have a decentrale communitcation structure.

> Do we have a comprehensive list of Ubuntu news sites, mailing lists,
> forums, etc. in all LoCos?

We have w.u.c/LoCoTeamList

> Also I'm interested in translations of announcements. If an English
> announcement was used on an Austrian Ubuntu site, it could be used on a
> German Ubuntu site too. How does a member of Ubuntu Jordan find out that
> an English announcement was already translated into Arabic by the Ubuntu
> Egypt team?

Last time(Release notes) we spread it around on the loco-contacts list  
and at irc #ubuntu-marketing and #ubuntu-locoteams

> There are obvious solutions to the technical side of the problem:
>  - mailing list (yet another one? loco-news?)
>  - RSS Feed (use Launchpad loco-news project plus "announcement" RSS Feed)
>  - Wiki-based process.

I think we don´t need more, what we need is a review of the things we  
allready have(IRC,, ubuntu-news-team mailinglist,  
uwn, w.u.c, launchpad).


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