Best Practices: Getting the word out?

Rubén Hubuntu hubuntu at
Mon Jun 23 23:08:28 BST 2008

We need a central, not centralized, place where everybody gets what
they need regarding ubuntu campaigns and material right on time:

Please join and helps us in this effort.

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On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 8:42 PM, Jad/Hakam madi <Jad en> wrote:
> Only if we could clone you Daniel, the world would be a better place.
> The thing is every loCo team has a different experience, team
> expertise and interest and it's not always easy to get a LoCo team
> joining what the big international community doing or arranging to do.
> although Jordan team is getting more members day by day but we still
> at phase of explaining what is FLOSS, what is Linux and how to use
> FLOSS / Linux as an alternative so joining a global bug jam is
> something we can dream of to do next year but not this one at all.
> I believe the message is delivered and well heard but the problem lies
> in the response and actually the ability to response.
> 2008/6/23 Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach en>:
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>> Hello everybody,
>> this question came up in the "How to run a Bug Jam" IRC session: "how do
>> we best get the word out to people in our locos?"
>> The LoCo world has grown from just a few enthusiasts in a couple of
>> countries to fully-fledged city teams and LoCo teams in almost all the
>> countries of the world. Most LoCo leaders are on the loco-contacts
>> mailing list, but how many people in a random city of your LoCo (who
>> don't read or the Fridge, etc) do find out about new
>> intiatives or a world-wide event?
>> Finding a simple answer to this question will give us lots of benefits:
>>  - World-wide participation in events like the Global Bug Jam, the
>> Software Freedom day, more Ubuntu Release Parties and more participants
>> in the "which LoCo organised the greatest/fanciest/most interesting
>> event with the most participants/most handed out CDs/most served cups of
>> coffee" contest
>>  - members of Ubuntu Paris will know about the great idea the Ubuntu
>> Tehran team had and try it too
>> Do we have a comprehensive list of Ubuntu news sites, mailing lists,
>> forums, etc. in all LoCos?
>> Also I'm interested in translations of announcements. If an English
>> announcement was used on an Austrian Ubuntu site, it could be used on a
>> German Ubuntu site too. How does a member of Ubuntu Jordan find out that
>> an English announcement was already translated into Arabic by the Ubuntu
>> Egypt team?
>> Apart from more participation and activity on a city level, I reckon
>> it'd help us a lot to bring together the various LoCo communities.
>> There are obvious solutions to the technical side of the problem:
>>  - mailing list (yet another one? loco-news?)
>>  - RSS Feed (use Launchpad loco-news project plus "announcement" RSS Feed)
>>  - Wiki-based process.
>> Do you think that anything like this would make sense? Who would be
>> willing to participate in the project? How would we get a lot of city
>> participation into it?
>> Lots of questions. I'd appreciate your answers. :-)
>> Have a nice day,
>>  Daniel
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